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Vegan leather bags. Ethically produced. Sustainably sourced. Delivered Carbon neutral. Hempsafari is putting the brakes on animal cruelty and shaking up the fashion industry for good

Surprised to learn that the fashion industry is responsible for killing our planet? Well its true! As a whole the global fashion industry produces around 20% of all wastewater and 10% of all carbon emissions. In addition, textile dyeing, containing a soup of toxic chemical poisons for example, is also the second largest polluter of water globally. This madness must stop, and we as consumers have the power to make that happen!

Read the full United Nations Environment report here


In developing countries 130 million children aged 5 – 14 are forced to work instead of attending school.
If you’re against this form of mass production, you can make a difference! Hempsafari products are ethically handmade with fair living wages and flexible working conditions. In addition $5.00 from every bag sold goes towards helping children in the worlds poorest countries get an education with the help of our awesome not for profit partners ONEBILLION.ORG

Surprised to learn that the cotton most of us use is responsible for destroying entire ecosystems and poisoning thousands of people at the same time? Read our blog post hereĀ