Here are some wacky (and not so wacky) fundraising ideas for kids education to get you started!

So my nimble friends, you’re thinking about fundraising ideas for kids education and need a bit of inspiration to get those creative juices flowing hey! 
Well you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together an extensive list of the all time greats to make your campaign a success. But remember, this doesn’t include everything, so if you have a creative idea, don’t hold back. Have a crack! 

We hope you will join us by raising funds to support kids education in the worlds poorest countries with the help of our amazing tech savvy Not for profit organisation Check out what they are doing here!

1. BakeAthon cake sale.

Organise a cake sale. Its an excellent way for children to raise money for a worthy cause. The basic idea is to hold an open house afternoon where you invite family and friends to pop in for a cup of tea and cake. Whilst they are there you can run a few other simple fundraising ideas like the ones below.
(This can also be applied to an office cake sale.)
Good invitations play a vital part in getting everyone to come along, understand why they should support you, and let them know what is expected of them. Remember to add the date, time and venue.

Here are some handy expressions to spark your creative juices:
– Get ready for Cupcake Mayhem!
– We’re going cupcake crazy for kids education!
– Are you bonkers for brownies?
– Lets educate a girl one cake at a time!

2. Charity fun run/walk
The basic idea is very simple. Participants ask people to sponsor them to take part in a fun run. Why not search for and take part in a local colour run which can be loads of fun.
3. Abstain detox

Fast for the cause – stop smoking, drugs, drinking, sugar, coffee or meat -Whatever your vice, quit and  start raising money for free today.

4. Challenge

Whether you’rerunning, walking, swimming or hiking – do more than make it to the finish line & raise funds for the cause.

5. Adventure

Want your adventure to be more than just a thrill? Raise money for a cause or charity you love while you rickshaw, climb, hike, bungee or jump out of a plane.

6. Celebrations

Request donations instead of gifts at your upcoming birthday, wedding or celebration. Start supporting the cause today!

7. Business and corporate

Sell cakes, biscuits at a tea or coffee morning at your work place

For every vegan leather bag you purchase, we fund literacy and numeracy projects for kids education, with the help of the UK based charity

Make a difference to the lives of women and children living in poverty by supporting them through your purchase. Why? Because educating kids and particularly girls matters big time!
Key reasons:
– Worldwide, girls experience increased barriers to education. It’s estimated that worldwide over 100 million girls are
not receiving a basic education.
– Low educational attainment, leads to girls being married off younger, often when they are still children themselves.
– Low levels of education means girls suffer increased health complications, as a result of a gap in basic knowledge. In
  addition their children tend to have lower health and educational outcomes as well.
– Low levels of education lead to a low expected income in adulthood.
– Low levels of education lead to high rates of unsustainable population growth. Consequently the cycle of poverty continues.