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Cruelty free fashion

In a world where most companies shy away from voicing an opinion because they feel it will alienate customers who have different views, we take a different approach. We’re a small company with big ideas and strong opinions and we think that sharing opinions is a good way to make new friends .

We might be small, yet we have strong opinions and have the courage to make a stand for doing what is right. Because if we all kept silent, there would be no progress in the world towards defeating the many injustices and prejudices of racism, sexism, hetrosexism and anti-semitism.  

Our beef is with animal cruelty and we think that most reasonably minded people would agree with us! Most people eat meat, eggs and dairy and wear leather belts and shoes without a second thought. Many of these same people have also heard about the climate crisis, about world hunger, destruction of the rainforests, species extinction, animal to human disease transmission (Covid-19). However the majority of people don’t realise that our habits of consuming animal products not only contributes to enormous animal exploitation and cruelty but is also responsible for the long list of atrocities listed above. The madness must end. For the sake of our planet and for the survival of our own species, we must all have the courage to fight for what is right! Read our full blog here!

Cos if you can be anything, be kind.

Picture showing how education benefits women and the environment


The Protea flower symbolises not only natural beauty and enduring strength, but the ability to adapt and overcome adversity; a quality which inspired CS Lewis to write “hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary journey.”

Each hemp bag, emblazoned with its own orange Protea, represents the hopes and dreams of our artisans who meticulously handcraft each bag. Your support not only provides them with a living wage to support their families, but gives them the inspiration to start their own extraordinary journey.